Orange Peel Texture

What is orange peel texture and how do Portland drywall companies apply it? This type of drywall texture or splatter (a common name for this type of texture) is applied with a small hand held hopper or a large commercial spray machine.
The above texture is a medium orange peel texture. Texture size is very relative. One person will look at this texture and say it is heavy. Another will say it is light. The best way to make sure you get the texture you want is to get a sample before it is applied. That way everyone is on the same page for your orange peel texture. What are the steps to apply it?

  1. Drywall Texture Mud. You can get pre-mixed or bag texture mix. These are all available at your local hardware store. Most of the professionals use a bag mix. All legit drywall companies have a large commercial spray rig, where they can mix up anywhere from 75 gallons (small rig) up to 500 gallons (large rig). If you have not mixed a powder based mud before, you will definately want to get the pre-mixed mud.

  2. Spray Rig Or Hopper With Lots Of Air Pressure. The professionals will use a spray machine to apply the orange peel texture. For the DIY individuals, buy a drywall texture hopper. You will need a air compressor, as it will break up the drywall texture mud as it passes through the spray tip in the hopper. Watch how you mix the mud! If you get it to thick, it will not break up enough and you will eave a heavy orange peel texture. If you get it to thin, the texture will puddle up. It also could run down the wall leaving streaks. Remember to spray some samples on a extra piece of drywall, so you can see what you are going to get before you go "live" with the orange peel texture.

  3. Double Spray. Here is a trick that not all of the professional drywall contractors know. If you want to make sure you have a even texture that gets good coverage, apply a thin coat of orange peel texture to the wall. Wait for it to dry for atleast 15 minutes. Then apply another thin coat. If you are using a hopper, try to "cross hatch" (spray the other direction, if you sprayed the wall vertically for the 1st coat, then apply the 2nd coat horizontal). This will get you a very even texture job.

  4. Primer. Always, I repeat, Always! prime before you apply the texture. There are chemicals in the drywall mud that cause joint flash or joint banding (where you can see where the drywall mud was applied after you apply the finish paint). Drywall primer will prevent this issue. It also helps the drywall texture bond to the surface. This is a must for a quality job!

After you complete the application of the texture you want to make sure it is very dry before applying any paint. Usually it will be dry after 24 to 48 hours.
Hand Brocade Texture

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