Mesh Drywall Tape

When it comes to taping, you can use mesh drywall tape or you can use paper drywall tape. What is the difference between the two?

Mesh drywall tape is to be used with hot mud or chemically setting joint compound. It is a fiberglass product, and is very strong when it being pulled apart. Warranty or cracking issues can occur if you use it with regular drywall mud.

Mesh tape is not as strong against joint cracking. Often hairline cracks can develop of the wall or joint has some flex in it. Hot mud can prevent this type of cracking, but it still can occur.

It does save time for the taping process and is much faster to apply the mesh tape, as one side of it has adhesive on it. Per roll, mesh tape is more expensive. Depending on where you purchase it from, it can be twice to three times the price of paper tape.

Pros: Faster to apply. Less mess than the paper tape process.

Cons: Have to use hot mud with it. Higher cost per roll.

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