How Much Does Drywall Cost?

How much does drywall cost? It depends on the location.  Typically, the eastern U.S. Pays a higher price than the West.  The price of drywall has fluctuated greatly in the last few years.  With the housing crash, prices immediately dropped.  But, due to large losses at the manufacturing level, prices have been on the rise over the last two years.

If you are purchasing only a few sheets, you will want to focus on the price per sheet. The price will vary a lot from your local hardware store to hardware store. Go for the closets location.

If you project has more than 20 to 30 sheets, you will want to get a quote. When you call up your local lumber yard and ask how much does drywall cost, you will want to get a price on having them stock the job. Most small pick up trucks can not handle more than 20 to 30 pieces of 4x8 or 4x12 drywall. Your quote will be in price per foot. Currently in the Portland Drywall market, the price is in a range of .22 cents per foot to .28 cents per foot. This is for 1/2" regular drywall.

How much does drywall cost, that is 5/8" or ceiling board? For these two items, add .02 cents per thousand. If you are paying more than than for these other items, you are paying to much.

If you need 1/4" Drywall, this product is more expensive than 5/8" or CD (ceiling board). Why is 1/4" more expensive? It is a special order item. The manufacturers have to re-tool and set up their line to make this material. Yes, it is thinner and has less gypsum in it, but it is considered a special order item. Add .03 to .05 cents per foot. Do you have an job where you want to overlay the ceilings? Consider using 1/2" ceiling board instead of 1/4" for two reasons. 1/2" Ceiling board is cheaper, and it will not sag. 1/4" will sag if you do not use glue gypsum screws to fasten it.

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