Drywall Hopper Guns

drywall hopper gun

Drywall hopper guns, can be easy to use for the average novice home repair technician. Here is my selection, the Spraying Mantis

They are easy to use, as long as you get your mud mixed right! And have a adequate air compressor.

When I was a full time patch and repair tech, I used the spraying mantis. This hopper is a great, all around gun, that you can use for all types of sprayed textures.

There is a rubber neck on it, and that helps out when you are spraying ceilings. Other guns do not have this.

This gun comes with a small, medium, and large tip. The small tip you will use for very light brocades and orange peel textures. The large tip is what you will use for large brocades.

In addition to drywall hopper guns, you will need a air compressor. Get a model that will have enough continuous flow to spray an entire room.

I have searched high and low for the best price on this drywall hopper gun. Here is where you can get the best price: drywall hopper gun.

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