Heat And Your Portland Drywall Job Site

What is adequate heat? Your job site needs to maintain a temperature of 60 to 70 degrees. This is very important as most warranty issues come from not having an adequate amount prior to starting the drywall.

Most of the materials specify that they are maintained to a minimum of 55 degrees. This maybe fine for storage, but once they are applied, 55 degrees is not enough. At 55 degrees, the product will take to long to dry. 70 degrees is a better temperature to maintain, as it will dry the product and save you time between coats.

Read the box! It is amazing how a lot of drywall companies fail to read the manufacturers recommendations on how to properly dry their products. There is a lot of information from manufacturers on the web.

Dry Wall Contractors What should you consider before you hire one? Make sure you do not pay more than what is required!

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